Carving is the foundational work of most everything I do...from various kinds of decorative panels, house signs to hand cut lettering.

These images offer a small sampling of my work.

Woodcarvers sign in white oak

Woodcarvers sign in white oak

Gothic window panel

Gothic window panel

Detail of a Gothic window panel carved in Spanish Cedar with stained glass backing.


Stylized Leaf Panel

A mahogany wall panel carved in deep relief with a stepped bevel border. A natural oil and beeswax finish carefully hand buffed to a satin sheen

Traditional Tudor Rose

A relatively low relief (shallow cut) carving in white oak of the traditional English (Tudor) Rose. The rose is also the national flower of America. An outward sloping bevel adds to the sense of lightness created by carving in low relief. A light natural beeswax finish is buffed out to a stain sheen.

Vermont Open Heart.JPG

Maple Heart

Deep relief carving in hard sugar maple. Each leaf is heavily undercut with the stems "lifted" off the surface yielding a sense of leaves blowing in the breeze.  VERMONT is incised in a gently sloping cascade arrangement. A light natural beeswax finish gently rubbed to a satin sheen. Carved and donated to our local library for inclusion in their fund raising raffle at the 2018 Whitingham Maple festival

Walnut Panel.JPG

Walnut Panel

An adapted Gothic design. From a  basic quatrafoil and reverse arched layout I carved out the centre panel to allow for incised lettering which is a quotation taken from a very  old woodworking book. Natural oil finish.

Elliptical house sign

An elliptical or oval shaped house carved sign in mahogany with genuine gold leaf highlighting the house number incised into the domed centre. The doming effect is echoed around the border into which the street name is incised with stylized leafs carved in low relief for contract.

House sign Mahogany and gold leaf